The Crew

Tony Zosherafatain headshot copy

Tony Zosherafatain

Founder and Director of I am the T

Tony Zosherafatain is a film-maker and activist who strives to promote a positive change in media representations through the medium of film. Tony began directing and producing films in 2010 after realizing that there weren’t many movies exclusively about trans people. That year, Tony created “I am the T”, the first documentary of its kind to chronicle trans stories from around the world. Tony is also a writer who has contributed to the Huffington Post, the Advocate, and Dapper Q. He has been featured in The New Yorker, The NY Times, New York Magazine, BuzzFeed, BBC News, Vice, and Out Magazine. Tony most recently appeared in Mark Seliger’s newest publication, “On Christopher Street: Transgender Stories”, a collection of portraits of the transgender community. Tony is a proud alumnus of Wesleyan University and New York University.

Jeanette Sears headshot

Jeanette Sears

Cinematographer and Editor

Jeanette Sears is a New York-based professional cinematographer and editor, transplanted from a small town in Ohio. Jeanette is the Programs director and an instructor for the I WAS THERE Film Workshops for Veterans coping with PTSD. She is involved in various documentary projects, with a particular interest in LGBT centered films. She shot two documentary films in 2014-2015, Out in Alabama, and All We’ve Got, which are both in post-production. More about her work and projects can be found at

Jamie Deradorian-Delia Headshot copy

Jamie Deradorian-Delia

Cinematographer and Editor

Jamie Deradorian-Delia is a New Jersey based documentary filmmaker who has a passion for sloths and sloth like activities. Jamie’s interest in cinema goes beyond just creating a “pretty picture” in order to find the truth in the frame. She most recently has worked as cinematographer on the web-series “To Queer Things Up”. She has a B.A. in English with a minor in Cinema Studies from Rutgers University and a Documentary filmmaking certificate from Mason Gross School of the Arts. You can check out Jamie’s work at

Jelan Coley Headshot copy

Jelan Coley

Cinematographer and Editor

Jelan Coley is a young professional by day and a crime fighter/cinematographer by night. She is unequivocally excited by aesthetics, and is particularly interested in creative uses of shadow and light as well as telling a powerful story with respect for the subject matter and the people involved. Documentaries are her main interest. She can enjoy the goriest of horror films and the most understated of British period dramas, if the shots are beautiful enough. She is never not recording life, no matter how much her friends may ask her not to. Her camera is her fifth appendage. She graduated with a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Cinema Studies and a certificate in Digital Filmmaking from Mason Gross School of the Arts, all at Rutgers University.

Aiden Nathaniel Diaz

Cinematographer and Editor

Aiden Nathaniel Diaz is a trans man from San Antonio, Texas. He has worked in the media industry for the past six years working for multiple media outlets as a videographer and a photographer. Aiden currently specializes in documentary film work and strives to tell others’ stories through visual art. He was also a founding officer of Trans*cend of Texas State, one of the first trans identified student organizations in the nation. He is an advocate for LGBTQIA equality in the church. In addition, Aiden participates in panels about the trans experience to help educate others and makes videos for a YouTube collaboration channel. In his spare time, Aiden plays the violin and enjoys writing music about his experiences.


Jamie DiNicola


Jamie DiNicola resides in New Jersey and is currently pursuing his JD from Rutgers Law school. He received his B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science in May 2014. Jamie served as the president of Rutgers University’s first ever transgender student organization, Trans*missions. As president, Jamie organized Rutgers’ first annual Transgender Health Panel and fought for the passage of the Preferred Name bill at Rutgers. Jamie is passionate about both LGBTQ activism and filmmaking and hopes that this project will increase visibility for the trans* community.

Tony Doubek

Music Composer

Tony Doubek is a composer and pianist studying Composition & Technology at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Prior to entering the Peck School of the Arts, Tony studied Music and Political Science at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. During his time at Stevens Point and in the year following graduation Tony traveled to several US states working in LGBTQ activism and politics. It was during this time that Tony became curious about the role artists play in creating change and fighting for a more equal society.
He plans to use music as a method to challenge society, to observe the world around us, learn from our mistakes, and grow from the experience of developing a broader worldview and sense of self. Tony is interested in going further into film and documentary work, in working with theatre and dance, and in writing pieces that tell the stories often forgotten or left out because they are too different or controversial. He believes these are the stories that need to be told the most.

Matthias Grimm

Music Composer

Matthias Grimm, is a primarily self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician and composer currently based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Showing a natural proclivity toward music from a very early age, he began teaching himself the piano around 7-years-old. As a composer, his music tends to explore the darker side of nature and human experience, via evocative subject matter and meticulous consideration of musical atmosphere. His work seeks to marry the lush melodic and harmonic emotiveness of the Romantics with the rich and vibrant timbres and techniques of the contemporary age.
His professional interests include: scoring for media (film, television, video games etc.); music for theater and dance; concert repertoire; and combining aspects of all the arts into a visceral tour de force. He also writes and produces for his solo project, The Wilted – an ever-evolving blend of gothic, symphonic, industrial metal. Currently, Matthias Grimm is a first-year undergraduate student in the music Composition & Technology major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.